PNK Anti Roll Bar-Isuzu Dmax
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Size (L x W x H) 105 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm
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  • Materal: High Tensile & Hardness Steel
  • High exclusive material bushing.
  • Thickness: 22mm+-
  • Weight: 9.5KG
  • Real On-Road performance test conducted
  • Country of Manufacturing: Thailand 

Model Application: 

  • Isuzu DMAX
  • Year: 2012-Present


Why Anti Roll Bar is Important ?

  • During cornering, the sprung mass of the body will naturally be shifted towards the outer side of the car, otherwise known as BODY ROLL. This isn’t something you want - as the car leans the wheels start to tilt, reducing the contact patch of the tyres. Excessive roll also results in a car that isn’t as responsive, as it’ll take longer to react to your commands while trying to settle.
  •  If you have an anti-roll bar fitted, the energy from the more heavily loaded side of the suspension will be     transferred through the bar via a twisting force, effectively ‘pulling’ the wheel at the opposite side of the axle up towards the body. This won’t get rid of the roll entirely, but it will drastically reduce it by evening out the forces across an axle to an extent.


Advantages of PNK Anti Roll Bar:

  • Increase car cornering performance. 
  • Increase car handling stability by 40%+.
  • Maximize tyre contact with the road.
  • Reduction of body roll when driving in sharp curves and during fast changes of direction
  • Reduce the load difference between the wheels inside and outside the curve
  • Improve braking performance.
  • Balance the impact under- or over-steering tendency positively
  • No compromise of ride comfort
  • Ensure that the load is distributed evenly over your tyres delivering longer tyre life and a better grip leading to a more comfortable driving experience.



  • No Installation Guide provided
  • Professional Installation is Recommended

What's in the box
  • One (1) Set of PNK Anti Roll Bar