Isuzu DMAX Coil Spring Raised 40mm Height
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 27 cm x 42 cm
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***Advantage of H-Tune Coil Spring***

  • Standard Height c/w 10mm raised height for better spring rate.
  • Raised Height 40MM For Extra Load 0-50 kgs & Comfort (Recommended for bull bar, country driving or whenever increased ground clearance is desired).
  • Made by High Quality Material Spring Steel SAE9254
  • Australian Standard & Specification 
  • All coil spring gone thru heat treatment process with completed by a very accurate electronically controlled furnace to eliminate breakage.
  • Precise & Configuration- Engineered to fit vehicle correctly.
  • All coils are scragged 100% to eliminate subsequent spring sag & load tested to ensure that they meet the specific requirement.
  • Designed for better load carrying, handling, height requirement & greater towing capacity.
  • Designed to keep more stable and better support force when encounters accelerated speed and drastic jolt, increasing travel.

Model Application: 

  • Year: 2012 - Present

A) Standard Height Coil Spring: Raised by 10MM.
B) Raised Height Coil Spring: Raised by 40MM (Overall lift up by 2 inch+-)

A) Standard Height Coil Spring: Raised by 10MM.

Why you need to change performance coil spring?
i) Height 
* To maintain of return vehicle to standard height*
-Most common when original springs have sagged or previously fitted lowered spring  
 are no longer required.
* To raise the vehicle*
-Common in 4X4 vehicles, heavily laden vehicles, LPG, or whenever increased ground  
  clearance is required. 
ii) Handling 
*When improvement in handling is required, H-Tune performance coil spring will substantially reduce body roll & improve vehicles stability.iii) Heavy Loading 
* All vehicles are manufactured to a general acceptable standard & spring are no exception to this rule. With demands for comfort a growing priority, spring rate are kept as low as possible. For this case, original springs’s ability to carry load & tow etc is poor.
H-Tune Performance replacement coil springs will achieve improvement in or any area above.

Basic Knowledge of Upgrading Coil Spring 

  • When the suspension system is modified, the spring is the main character, that is, the strength and length of the spring should be determined first.
  • Other accessories such as shock absorbers are used for matching. It is recommended to use matching shock absorbers to ensure that the performance of the system can be fully utilized. And does not affect driving safety.
  • Because when the spring is stronger than the shock absorption, the shock absorption function of the shock absorber can not be exerted, the whole vehicle control will become frivolous and dull, but if the shock absorption is stronger than the spring, it will affect the buffering effect of the spring and reduce the shock absorption. Life expectancy.

What's in the box
  • One (1) Pair of Coil Spring